Jan 24 23:26

Java Web Start and the Damage Done

So, I’m currently consulting on-site at a company that makes use of Java Web-Start techonology to run custom desktop applications.

Recently, supporting those applications has been a bit of a challenge for two reasons:

Mar 01 23:21

What about WordPress?

So I've touched on Drupal & Joomla. I've had great luck with Drupal, but I am also aware that WordPress is really popular, in particular for bloggers.

Sep 03 18:33

Drupal CMS: Onward and Upward

This post is a continuation of a tour of CMS (Content Managment Systems) I've known and loved,

Drupal was the runner-up contender in my PHP-based CMS research. I used it to quickly build my website--not particularly pretty, but but it works for what I need.

Aug 16 12:49

Joomla and the Neophyte

So in a prior post, I brought up the subject of Content Management Systems. I thought I'd go through some of the CMSes I've run across so far.

So there I was...I needed my own website. As is often the case, I was busy enough from the start that I didn't really have a need for a website initially.

Jun 02 12:19

What is this Thing Called...CMS?

I'm a software developer which means that I love to create programs and websites...from scratch. Need a web application with some dynamic pages, and moving parts? No problem, I can code it up for you from scratch--all it takes is a lot of time and that means a lot of expense. As a budding entrepreneur wrestling with the tradeoff of effort vs. reward, when it came time for me to set up a website, I went with a CMS--a Content Management System.

Mar 20 17:33

Going Rogue

After seventeen years working in corporate IT as a staffer, contractor & consultant, I decided to go rogue and hang out my own shingle. As part of the shift from enterprise IT to small and medium business IT, I have also changed focus from Java & Oracle to the standard open-source technology stack that is behind the majority of websites: Linux - Apache - MySql - PHP (LAMP).

These technologies are production ready and rock-solid. An added benefit is that developers can frequently get more done faster with a scripting language like PHP.